Responders Resource Center

In-person Training

Meeting all your psychological trauma intervention needs with practical and useful training.  We are a premier provider of psychological trauma intervention training.


Chaplaincy Training

We offer training to chaplains of many fields. Completion of our training, as with any form of chaplain training, does not mean all chaplaincy groups will recognize your training, as training requirements vary between agencies.

CISM Training

We currently offers four courses from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, taught by certified instructors.  These courses include: Assisting Individuals in Crisis, Group Crisis Intervention, Grief Following Trauma and Advanced Group Crisis Intervention.

Full schedule

View our full schedule of classes for 2023.  CISM courses are indicated.  All classes will be held at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver, Washington.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Welcome to Responders Resource Center

We are an in-person training center for chaplaincy and CSIM training. We will meet all your psychological trauma intervention needs with practical and useful training. We are a premier provider of psychological trauma intervention training. Come check out our 2024 courses that are all taught at our Vancouver, Washington training center.

Upcoming events/courses

Full list of courses

Assisting Individuals in Crisis – CISM / Domestic Violence / Conflict Resolution / Sexual Assault / Legal Concepts in Chaplaincy / Performing and Intake / Suicide Prevention / Biblical Counseling Basics / Emergency Service Worker Profile / Chaplaincy Equipment / Incident Scene Protocols / Advanced Group Crisis – CISM / Grief Following Trauma – CISM / Group Crisis Intervention – CISM / Caring for Grieving Children / Ministry of Presence / How to Deliver Death Notifications / Compassion Fatigue / Duties and Boundaries / Grief Following Trauma – CISM / Understanding Depression / Suicidology / PTSD Basics / Assisting Individuals in Crisis – CISM / God’s Hope for the Hurting