All classes will be held at US Digital Outreach Center located at:

1400 NE 136th Avenue Suite 201

Vancouver Washington 98684

Responders Resource Center offers training to chaplains of many fields. Completion of our training, as with any form of chaplain training, does not mean all chaplaincy groups will recognize your training, as training requirements vary between agencies. It is our recommendation you check with your agency as to their recognition of this program and their recommendation for you as a chaplain.

Chaplaincy Training

There are 22 courses in this training program and a description of each can be found under “Courses”. The following is the process to get started:

  • Download and complete your application which includes 2 letters of recommendation (criteria for letters described in application
  • Payment for Course (Chaplaincy program cost: $850)
  • Pass the required background check
  • Schedule an interview and begin your training upon acceptance into program
  • Once you have completed all required courses (this includes 50 hours of mentorship) a certificate of completion with recommendation for commissioning will be awarded
  • You may then take your certificate of completion to your credentialing organization for commissioning purposes.

Our original intent for creating this course is to equip individuals with a solid relationship with Jesus and a deeper level of biblical literacy, to assist as an extension of pastoral care in their own home church setting. We have since seen many of those individuals join the SWW- CISM Team, other chaplaincy agencies and serve as Chaplains in their own churches.

Once you complete the chaplaincy training program, you are also able to join the SWW- CISM Team and our crisis response team for school related incidents.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about the chaplaincy training program, or simply download an application and get started.